Slip dress – from a night gown in luxury form to a multifunctional dress

Slip dresses became more widely known during the final decade of the 20th century. It was a time when slips, formerly known as nightwear and later as hidden lingerie, had become a feminine slip dress, proving itself as an independent, respectable and beautiful piece of clothing that makes the body feel free and open, symbolizing a woman’s freedom.

Slip dress is a light silk dress with straps, which is also one of the most functional and versatile piece of women’s clothing. After several decades of using only in a boudoir, the slip dress has now become one of the basic elements of a woman’s wardrobe. Slip dress is a great gown for both leisure at home and romantic adventures outside the home.
It can be a morning dress combined with fluffy home slippers. It can be a luxury home outfit, complemented by various accessories or, in cooler weather, a comfortable cardigan. Slip dress bravely dares to step outside the house – combining it with a jacket, cardigan or coat it is possible to create a unique image.

It is easy to achieve both neutral and solemn overall image by matching different styles of shoes to the slip dress. In combination with sports shoes, a stylish and topical image for an active working day will be achieved, while in combination with high-heeled shoes, the slip will instantly become an elegant party and other event outfit.

Massive boots, scarf, leather jacket and fabrics of different textures plus a slip dress – a femininely bold and topical outfit!

It is worth mentioning that the slip dress is relevant in any season.

Right now slip dresses are at the foremost of dresses all over the world. Women choose to include them in their capsule wardrobe, thanks to the multifunctionality of this light silk dress and the sensations provided by the contact of natural silk with the skin.

Natural silk is a breathable and actually very durable material. Silk will create pleasant sensations when in contact with the skin – it is simply a must try! In the cold months, silk will retain body heat, while in hot weather it can cool you off.

The slip dress gracefully enters also the wedding world. It is often chosen as the bride’s wedding dress or the bridesmaid’s dress. Slip dress can also be a great, saturated and very elegant outfit for wedding guests thanks to the different color variations

Slip dress can undoubtedly become the best wedding dress choice for brides who are looking for minimalist wedding dresses and who appreciate the pure design and properties of natural silk. Elegant and romantic at the same time, simple, but definitely not boring.

In any variation, the slip dress accentuates feminine fragility, but at the same time allows you to feel comfortable without losing your essence.

Lace to Love clothing slip dresses are made of natural silk fabric and cut into the oblique thread, which provides a light, slightly fitting silhouette, and naturally adapts to the wearer’s body proportions. The top of the dress has a falling neckline as a sensual detail. Adjustable straps allows the dress to be adjusted to different heights. Moreover – the midi length combined with the slip dress cut provides a natural length adjustment (by highlighting the hips or bust more) – the dress adapts to its wearer.

The most popular and trending colors are caramel colors, as well as emerald green, old pink and black.

Although the silk dress is suitable for wearing in any season, Lace To Love clothing also offers a warmer option – velvet slip dresses. The main difference is in the sensations. Saturated velvet tones – night blue, burgundy (juicy plum and eggplant) and of course timeless black – these will be especially suitable for festive celebrations at home and outside. Christmas is approaching, and a slip dress can become a wonderful Christmas evening gown.

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