Chantilly lace – a treasure in the world of lace

Luxurious, elegant and fine – this is exactly how to describe Chantilly lace, which still retains an important place in the wide world of lace as one of the most recognized and finest lace, both in terms of its appearance and production, as well as its wide application. As French fashion editor Carine Roitfeld put it: “When I don’t know what to wear, I wear black lace.”

The origins of lace can be traced back to the ancient past, when in the 16th century two different types of lace production began to develop – the so-called needle lace and bobbin lace. It is worth leaving a deeper history of lace at the disposal of various anthropologists, but it is these distant beginnings that make various lace fabrics and laces so special today. As an essential element of fashion clothing, lace no longer has to prove itself or conquer a place in the world of fashion. After surviving several periods of highs and lows, lace, various lace fabrics, lace trims, lace fringes and lace applications will remain forever in the fashion world.

Chantilly laces originated in France and got their name from the city where they were made. That is why Chantilly laces are still often referred to as French lace. These very delicate French laces depict detailed floral and plant motifs. Their texture is reminiscent of a work of art created with an ink pen. In the beginning, Chantilly lace was mainly made in various shades of white – cream, light eggshell, ivory and vanilla.

As Chantilly lace also became in demand in Spain, where black was dominant in fashion at the time, including black lace, Chantilly replaced the dominant white color with black. It is not uncommon to hear that Chantilly lace is traditionally woven from black silk threads, but today this type of lace is found and available in a variety of colors and shades.

Traditionally, in ancient times, the clothing a person wore was a sign of status and reputation, much like it is today. At the moment, the main difference is that there is an enormous abundance of offers and sometimes you have to be knowledgeable enough to find the high quality and originality in the wide range of offers.

Lace To Love store offers a special selection of French lace, lace trimmings and lace fabrics, of which one of the widest offers is exactly Chantilly lace.

Definitely worth answering the question – why is lace not cheap? Because like any fine work, lace making is a labor-intensive process that requires knowledge, care and skill to combine different sewing and weaving techniques.

Precisely because of its elegant romantic nature, lace is one of the most popular fine fabrics used to make bridal gowns. Wedding lace fabrics are the finest and most exquisite. And how else – a wedding day is a day when a woman should look airy, sophisticated and special.

It is also worth remembering that lace, such as fine Chantilly lace, should not be avoided in your everyday wear. A stunning and truly topical look can be achieved by mixing lace with seemingly casual clothes, combining them with leather or casual sneakers. You can also get a particularly topical look by choosing colored lace.

What fabric matches the fine Chantilly lace, you might ask? Any! The key to it is good quality. For example, Chantilly lace will be perfect for chiffon fabrics, various silk fabrics, organza, satin, as well as solid fabrics such as leather or high-quality cashmere wool fabrics.

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